The data refers to breed wise data of Goats at State and District level. Get data of various breeds like Attapadi Black, Barbari, Beetal, Black Bengal, Bouer, Changthangi, Chegu, Chogarakha, Gaddi, Ganjam, Gonilwadi, Jakhrana, Jamnapari, Kannaladu, Khagani, Kodiado, Kutchi, Malabari, Malwa, Mehsana, Nandidurga, Osmanabadi, Snaganeri, Sirohi, Surti, Zalawadi, Other Graded and Non Descript.
Data provides the population for each Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe by sex and residence. The data have been given for individual caste as per the notified list of SCs and STs of each State and UT valid within the jurisdiction of that State/UT. These data in appendix table have been presented by sex (male/female) and residence (rural/urban) at State and District level separately.
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