The catalog contains data related to households by availability of separate kitchen and type of fuel used for cooking, census 2001 - India and States. It includes data on Households by Availability of Separate Kitchen, Households having Separate Kitchen, Separate Kitchen, Households by Type of Fuel Used for Cooking, Households by Fuel Used for Cooking, Fuel Used for Cooking, Cooking Fuel, Firewood, Crop Residue, Cow-Dung Cake, Coal, Lignite, Charcoal, Kerosene, LPG, Electricity, Biogas, No Cooking, Census 2001, Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST).
A 'household' is usually a group of persons who normally live together and take their meals from a common kitchen unless the exigencies of work prevent any of them from doing so. Persons in a household may be related or unrelated or a mix of both. However, if a group of unrelated persons live in a census house but do not take their meals from the common kitchen, then they are not constituent of a common household. Each such person was to be treated as a separate household. The important link in finding out whether it was a household or not was a common kitchen.
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