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Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries
The data refers to breed wise data of Sheep at State and District level. The breeds are; Exotic/Crossbred Merino, Exotic/Crossbred Rambullet, Exotic/Crossbred Carridale, Exotic/Crossbred Other Exotic, Exotic/Crossbred Total Exo Cross, Indigenous Bhakarwal, Indigenous Bellari, Indigenous Bolangir, Indigenous Bonpala, Indigenous Changthangi, Indigenous Chokla, Indigenous Chotanagpuri, Indigenous Coimbatore, Indigenous Deccan, Indigenous Dooma, Indigenous Gaddi, Indigenous Ganjam, Indigenous Garole, Indigenous Gurez, Indigenous Hassan, Indigenous Hissardale, Indigenous Jaisalmeri, Indigenous Jalauni, Indigenous Karna, Indigenous Kashmir Merino, Indigenous Kengur, Indigenous Kheri, Indigenous Kilakarsal, Indigenous Madrasred, Indigenous Magra, Indigenous Malapura, Indigenous Mandy, Indigenous Marwari, Indigenous Mercheri, Indigenous Monpa, Indigenous Munjal, Indigenous Muzzafarnagri, Indigenous Nali, Indigenous Nellore, Indigenous Nilgiri, Indigenous Patanwadi, Indigenous Poonchi, Indigenous Pugal, Indigenous Ramnad White, Indigenous Rampur Bushair, Indigenous Shahbadi, Indigenous Sondi, Indigenous Tibetan, Indigenous Tiruchi Black, Indigenous Vembur, Indigenous Others Graded, Indigenous Non Descript.
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